SHARP Recognition

Over the past five years FlightWorks has made great strides reducing reportable injuries and incidents. During the last four years we have had only one lost time incident and reported 0 recordable events for 2010 through 2012. We maintain an open reporting safety culture that allows an honest mistake, but we are aggressive when analyzing what went wrong and how we correct the problem in order to prevent a recurrence. This is part of our broader investment in safety and in our employees that pays dividends in productivity, safe operations and customer satisfaction. Recently those investments in safety have paid off with external recognition as well. The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has accepted FlightWorks into their Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP). This program exempts FlightWorks from worksite inspections from OSHA for 2 years.

FlightWorks is recognized as only one of the few operators in the country that can provide the highest level of service, safety and satisfaction to our Business Aviation Services customers. SHARP is a unique recognition that affirms to our customers and to each of us that FlightWorks is serious about safety and this achievement sets us apart from the competition. Foremost, it means that FlightWorks maintains the safest possible work environment and that each of our employees has taken part in making SHARP recognition possible because of their individual, uncompromised attitude toward safety.


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