FlightWorks Goes Paperless in the Cockpit

Atlanta – November 8, 2012 – FlightWorks, Inc., the Southeast’s largest provider of on-demand private air charter and aircraft management services, is taking aviation services to new heights as it introduces Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) to its portfolio of technological enhancements for the cockpit. FlightWorks is one of the first private air charter companies to incorporate iPads as EFBs.

Working with AirWatch, a proven mobile device management platform, FlightWorks is introducing EFBs in the form of iPads, eliminating the need for cumbersome printed flight materials. The EFBs will provide electronic Jeppesen Navigation Charts, company manuals, company forms, flight plans, and other FAA-required manuals for pilots – all at the touch of a button.

“Our pilots had been asking for a tablet solution, and we made the decision to explore the concept,” said Johan Segring, vice president of business and information systems – FlightWorks, Inc. “We needed a mechanism to distribute both critical and proprietary manuals required to be on-board the aircraft but with enhanced security features given the nature of the data. Not only that, we wanted to move to a more sustainable process by eliminating printed materials.”

On-board materials used to add weight and bulk to each aircraft; the tablet solution makes the process more efficient and ultimately more accurate. FlightWorks’ iPads will be equipped with an AirWatch-exclusive content management system called the Secure Content Locker™ (SCL), a data repository where sensitive information can be housed in a secure environment for mobile access anywhere in the world.

“The Secure Content Locker enables our Flight Operations management team to distribute FAA manuals and revisions with a few clicks and monitor compliance, regardless of where in the world the aircraft happens to be,” Segring said. “We demonstrated the SCL system and process to our FAA Principal Operations Inspector, who was extremely impressed and encouraged us to move forward with the plan to incorporate the AirWatch system.”

The adoption of tablets in the cockpit simplifies pilots’ jobs and ultimately improves their efficiency in the aircraft, according to FlightWorks assistant chief pilot Chad Noblit, who uses the tablets daily for his flights.

“It’s a tremendous step forward to have these devices in the cockpit. The tablets save space by eliminating printed charts and manuals, which gives us more flexibility regarding weight – we’ve been able to shed about 60 pounds per aircraft.  Utilizing the iPads, the crews also electronically submit flight data and expenses directly to the appropriate company offices for review and approval, making the process very quick and efficient.  The ease-of-access to the vast amount of information and the availability at a glance - you can’t put a price on that,” Noblit said.



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