2013-2014 Colorado Ski Season

2013 is drawing to a close – and that means ski season is near! Don’t get caught unprepared this season – book your flight early to popular ski destinations and miss the last-minute hassle of commercial air travel.

Since the airports in Aspen (ASE), Eagle (EGE) and Rifle (RIL) are located high in the mountains, flight arrivals and departures are only permitted while the sun is up. Use this web page to make sure that the sun will still be up when you want to land! 

It’s important to remember that the Aspen, Eagle and Rifle airports are the busiest in the area and for the first time in many years will not have a slot program in place.

Book your flight to one of these ski destinations today!

Need a break from the slopes? Check out these activities that the whole family can enjoy when you’re not tackling the double black diamonds.

Take a reflective walk through the beautiful snow-covered aspen forest. Pack a picnic lunch and don your snowshoes for the ultimate après ski.

Most ski resorts are located near snowmobile tour companies. Book a private tour for you and your family to take in the breathtaking mountain vistas.

Paraskiing is the sport of skiing off the side of a mountain with a large parachute. Not for the faint of heart, paraskiing is the newest rage for adventure-seeking skiers.

Many natural hot springs are located near Aspen, including the popular Penny Hot Springs. The water naturally gets close to 130 degrees, so you can warm up after a long day on the mountain.


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